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Ready to spend a night on the Spice World bus?!?

Everyone had their favorite Spice Girl back in the day and now you can actually live like one all thanks to Airbnb!

You can spend one night on the exact Spice Bus that was in the movie Spice World!

The tour bus is located in Wembley Park in London and while the Union Jack flag is painted on the outside, the inside very chic.

The inside has 90's inspired decor, a mounted television, a "Girl Power" neon light on the wall, and a dining booth in the back.

There's also a bedroom with a queen sized bed, a zebra carpet, an extra bed, and two disco balls to take you back to the 90's!

You can book it for £99 a night, which is about $129, but the thing is you can only book it on June 14th and 15th.

The only rules for guests that are staying there are:

  • No pets
  • Maximum three guests
  • No smoking
  • '90s dress code
  • Double denim permitted
  • Girl Power essential
  • Selfies in the driver's seat encouraged
  • Compulsory rendition of "Goodbye" on check out

If you want to stay on the Spice Bus, you can book on Airbnb starting on May 22nd at 12am PST.

Would you stay here?

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