Our first look at a sequel to 'The Shining,' in theaters later this year

The first trailer was just released, and it looks - well - interesting.

"Doctor Sleep" is the title of the flick, and here's a little Variety writeup by way of the East Bay Times:

Ewan McGregor plays an adult Danny Torrance, Jack Nicholson‘s on-screen son in “The Shining,” in the adaptation of the Stephen King horror novel of the same name. Still traumatized by the events of the classic 1980 film, Danny is battling a drinking problem and the emergence of strange, psychic powers. He then meets a young girl named Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran) with similar abilities who is being hunted by a mysterious group that grows stronger by killing others with magical powers.

Sound like something you'll be interested in seeing when it hits theaters in November?

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