Surprising statistic regarding young adults and deodorant

40% of people between the ages of 18-24 agree on one thing: they haven't used deodorant in the past month.


I doubt I'm the only one shocked by this.

Thinking about to when I was fresh out of high school, I'm quite confident that I would have stunk on a regular basis were it not for the daily application of deodorant. initiated the survey, which found some other interesting tidbits:

  • 31% of 25-34-year-olds haven't used deodorant in the last month 
  • 37% of 25-34-year-olds haven't bought it in the last year
  • 22% of 35-44-year-olds haven't used deodorant in the last month
  • 16% of 45-year-olds and older don't wear deodorant 

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