Watch Ellie Goulding KICK the cap off this bottle


If I attempted something like this, I'd almost certainly injure myself in the process.

Ellie Goulding, however, takes fitness a lot more seriously than me. According to feature in Shape, she runs 6 miles every day and clocked a half-marathon at 1 hour, 41 minutes. "Exercise is a crucial part of being alive. It’s like breathing," she is quoted as saying.

In addition to kicking bottle caps, she can kick butt! Here's what she said in an interview with Women's Health:

"I fight—I've boxed for years, and I used to do martial arts. And I love that I can protect myself and defend myself if I need to. Not just against men, but against anyone."

Martial arts training, a well-focused mind and a good bit of flexibility add up to THIS moment:

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