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When you ask for a "Moana cake," but...

Sometimes when you're trying to order something the workers can't understand you and end up getting your order wrong, it happens.

Well in this specific situation, the end result is hilarious!

Kensli Taylor Davis posted on Facebook what happened when her mom tried to order her a Moana cake.

Kensli's mom was asking for a Moana cake and was telling the baker how much her daughter loved Moana, but there was one problem.

The baker couldn't understand the mom and thought she kept saying "marijuana" instead of Moana!

Of course, the mom didn't find out until she picked up the cake that was CLEARLY NOT Moana.

Luckily Kensli and her mom had a great sense of humor about it and just ate the cake anyways.

Look at the hilarious cake below:

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