Netflix catching heat for pretending this place is in Northern California

When literally nothing in the geography adds up, people are bound to call you out on it.

Especially in 2019, and especially when there's this thing called Twitter.

Long story short, there's a new Netflix movie called Secret Obsession, which is supposedly set in "Silverado Canyon, California - 100 Miles North of San Francisco."

Issue is, the visuals used to depict Silverado Canyon are actually of Boulder, Colorado - a city PLENTY of people are familiar with.

Additionally, there's a place in California called Silverado Canyon, but it's in Southern California's Santa Ana mountain range.

So what is 100 miles north of San Francisco? Mendicino County. Which - in a strange coincidence - was used as a visual depiction of the fictional town of Cabot Cove in the mystery TV series Murder, She Wrote. (How's THAT for some random TV trivia?!)

Here's a trailer for "Secret Obsession:"

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