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Ban at SFO is getting lots of national attention

As of August 20th, you'll no longer be able to purchase an item many people grab before hopping on their flights: BOTTLED WATER.

If you're looking to have your own source of hydration while in flight, your best bet will be to bring your own reusable water bottle - empty, of course, to get through security - at fill it up before boarding.

Here's a reminder about the change in policy from SFO:

Predictably, the story is getting a good bit of national attention.

As Huffington Post reports, the ban follows a trend in the city of San Francisco (even though, as anyone from the Bay knows, SFO isn't actually IN San Francisco - details, details):

The airport’s ban comes a month after several plastic bans went into effect in San Francisco. As of July 1, restaurants may not provide plastic straws to customers, with exceptions made for some customers with disabilities. Plastic stirrers and toothpicks are also now banned, while single-use food items, such as napkins, packaged condiments and chopsticks, are to be made available only upon request.

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