Sam Smith gets real about the time he has been spending in therapy

The past 18 months have taught him a lot, and now he has a message to share with his fans:


Well, "I Am Enough" is the message he shared, but he wants YOU to be the one who says that.

The 27 year-old singer took to Twitter this morning to share what he has been going through:

Just wanted to share a little thought with you all. Sitting here on my first holiday in a long long time. Looking back on a year and a half of therapy and what has been probably the most challenging time of my short 27 years here.
I’ve watched and read so much over the last 6 months to try and make sense of all the mess in my head. Tried to find ways to organise all of my problems so that they are bound and organised into folders and boxes, so that they will never haunt me or effect me again.
But I’m slowly starting to realise that the words above are the only words that really matter.... and they are the words of the incredible @BreneBrown.... ‘You are enough’ That mess in your mind is not a mess. It is who you are.
By constantly trying to change and seek perfection and a life of no pain only causes more pain I am realising. Still on course and learning but feeling the closest I’ve ever felt to a real space of joy, gratitude and peace.
Sorry to blab on. But I know we are all dealing with some really heavy shit at times. And I find listening to words from strangers comforting. So hopefully sometimes I can be that stranger to you guys.
Now every morning and every night before you go to bed. Say these words to yourself in the mirror. I’m gonna do it too. We are in this together. Hope you’re all having a gorgeous summer x

It looks like Sam has been getting a lot out of his "holiday" (I love the British vocab).

Here's a post-siesta pic he shared yesterday:

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