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Plain old boring oatmeal, but instead of hot water... COFFEE!


I made regular oatmeal in a coffee cup yesterday, and the idea struck: WHY NOT JUST HEAT UP THE OATS WITH COFFEE INSTEAD OF HOT WATER???

So today, I gave it a try.

Started with a pakcet of instant oatmeal (I opt for Nature's Path Original):

Poured in a bit of coffee (Whole Foods' 365 Buona Giornata Italian Roast):

And... VOILA!

This probably isn't winning any culinary awards, but I enjoyed it. Certainly seemed like an easy way to change the game on plain old, boring oatmeal while just putting two things that I typically consume at the same time into the same vessel.

I typically drink my coffee black, but would presume that any enhancements you make to your cup o' joe would equally enhance the oatmeal concoction.

It's so easy to try - why not?! And ingredients are relatively inexpensive that if you really don't care for it, you won't feel too bad about throwing it out.


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