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One of SNL's new cast members is from the Bay Area!

When the new season of 'Saturday Night Live' kicks off later this month, we can look forward to laughing along with young lady from the East Bay!

SNL announced today that Chloe Fineman would be joining the show as a featured player:

It looks like she originally honed her craft while a teenager in the Bay Area.

Here's an excerpt from a 2004 East Bay Times article about a performance at Piedmont High School titled "Teens cry fowl, but none comes:"

Students Chloe Fineman and Claire Neumann came in second place as two snooty old society ladies a la “Arsenic and Old Lace,” looking for new feathers for their boas and singing a peppy little tune about “poisoning peafowls in the park.”

A peak at Chloe's Instagram reveals some nods to the Bay as well:

In this video, she sports an A's jersey (LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!) as we get a taste of her comedy:


Look forward to seeing her on the iconic SNL stage soon!

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