Bay Area police may rethink using Teslas after what happened during pursuit

An officer chasing a suspect on 680 Southbound ran into a bit of a problem on Friday night, according to an East Bay Times report:

Fremont Officer Jesses Hartman reported the issue via police radio: “I am down to six miles of battery on the Tesla so I may lose it here in a sec.”

Yes, it appears as though someone forgot to charge the all-electric vehicle before Hartman's shift leaving him in quite a predicament while chasing towards San Jose. He had to ask other police units to maneuver into the lead car position on the chase:

Look... The same thing could have happened if someone forget to fill up the gas in a police cruiser, but there are a lot more gas stations than there are Tesla super-chargers, and it takes A LOT less time to fill the tank than it does to fill up a charge on those Tesla batteries.

I wonder if this will lead to a change in the way Fremont PD uses their patrol Tesla.

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