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Here's a look inside The French Laundry's chocolate truffle box

Over the weekend, my wife Jenni enjoyed a "girls weekend" trip to wine country where she enjoyed some AMAZING experiences.

On their first night of fun, a 13 course dinner was enjoyed at The French Laundry in Yountville, the internationally-known, Michelin 3-star awarded restaurant that is bucket list stop for many foodies.

Upon departure, each of the girls was given a gift bag including a box full of beautifully crafted chocolate truffles.

They were perfectly presented, to say the least:

A close look at each piece revealed what is basically an edible work of art.

Here are the right varieties included in the box:

  • MINT
  • PB & J
  • K & M

I haven't actually taken a bite of one yet, but IT WILL HAPPEN. I'm just trying to extend my opportunity to be vicariously bougie as long as possible.

In the mean time if you'd care to take a closer look at each piece, keep scrolling!

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