Bay Area man is behind Pixar's new short featuring Filipino-American family

One of the most talked-about new originals on Disney+ is a short called Float, which features a Filipino-American family.

Bay Area-based Pixar animator Bobby Rubio wrote and produced the piece. Here's a summary of the short from Vox:

Float is about a dad who finds out his new (extremely cute) son can, in fact, float. The problem is that as his son begins to float, the people around him react to his floating prowess with fear. And so his father is forced to choose whether to keep his son’s talent hidden to fit in, or let those on the ground stare and gawk.

A look at Bobby's Instagram page showcases lots of Bay Area action, including this shot from the Oakland A's Filipino Heritage Night game earlier this season:

You know how much love I have for my fellow A's fans!

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