Could this change to knife design help reduce violence?

A U.K.-based cutlery maker responded to an uptick in stabbings by re-imagining what knives look like.

The new "Assure" collection of knives with blunt tips come in 6 different designs ranging from the 8-inch chef's knife to a classic bread knife.

According to Daily Mail, the knives have been "repeatedly tested to ensure they do not pierce skin."

Here's what Viners said in a press release about the new line:

With a square shape, similar to that of a Santoku knife, the new Assure collection is made of high quality stainless steel and features ergonomically designed, soft touch handles for the ultimate in comfort with a black non-stick coating on the blade to reduce cutting friction. Delivering the same performance as a standard knife to tackle all cooking tasks, the new blade design also gives added peace of mind in the home, helping to reduce unnecessary accidents when preparing food and washing up with no sharp points to cause injury.

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