East Bay road rage incident documented by officers

A dispute at a red light in the East Bay led to significant damage being inflicted on two vehicles.

The incident was detailed in a Concord police department Facebook post:

Yesterday morning around 7:20 a.m., Concord Officers responded to a fight involving two men. Upon arrival, Officers found two vehicles that were significantly damaged. Further investigation revealed the damage was not a result of a collision, but an intentional act stemming from “road rage.”😡
Bad Choice #1: It all began when the driver of the truck got upset because the driver of the sedan didn’t go when the light turned green🚦. After a quick honk of the horn the drivers began yelling at each other.
Bad Choice #2: Both drivers decided to pull over and continued to exchange unkind words🤬. Eventually, they both got into their respective vehicle and pulled back onto Monument Blvd.
Bad Choice #3: Apparently, the driver of the truck was still upset so he threw a hammer🔨at the moving sedan. At this point the driver of the sedan began to follow the truck in attempt to obtain his license plate.
Bad Choice #4: The driver of the sedan said he couldn’t read the truck’s license plate so instead he decided to get even. He pulled into a nearby parking lot, got out with a tire iron in hand, and threw it at the truck as it turned onto a side street.
Bad Choice #5 - 7: The truck pulled into the parking lot and both drivers continued to argue. The driver of the sedan removed a hammer🔨from inside of his car and smashed out two of the trucks’ windows. In turn, the driver of the truck accelerated forward (close to where the other driver was standing) and plowed into the sedan two times.
Good Choice #1: Both of the involved drivers called Concord PD🚔!
The purpose of this detailed post is to show how acts of anger when driving can quickly become dangerous. We’ve all gotten frustrated while driving, but don’t let your temper get the best of you. As this case shows, there were several times when either driver could have made the choice not to engage with the other.
If you’re curious about the end result of this call, here it is: Neither person made it to work that day, thousands of dollars of damage was caused to both vehicles , and the driver of the truck went to jail for an assault with a deadly weapon. The driver of the sedan could also be held liable for vandalism and possible assault. And to think this all started because the driver of the sedan didn’t go when the light turned green🤔.... Remember to stay calm and make GOOD CHOICES! ~454


Might I suggest some breathing exercises?

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