Selena Gomez spent last weekend solving a real-life cold case murder

Selena the Sleuth! Sounds like the title of a series of detective books for young readers, right?

It would appear Selena Gomez enjoys a bit of mystery-solving in her free time.

Over the weekend, she attended an event in Chicago with was organized with a mission of solving murder that happened 38 years ago.

According to CrimeCon Chicago's website, Selena and other attendees worked "to solve a real cold case that has been specifically chosen for this event. Guided by our Chief Investigator, retired U.S. Marshal Art Roderick, law enforcement, and our hand-picked experts, we’ll work through the facts, the case file, and the key questions that remain unanswered. This isn't a made-for-TV drama that will wrap-up neatly in 60 minutes—this is real life, complete with all of the complexities, false-starts, red-herrings, and frustrating roadblocks that law enforcement deals with every day in their investigations."

Interesting, right?!

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