DAD DIARY: The super-simple way I got our kid excited to help make the bed

Is there a one-size-fits all solution to getting kids to be excited about doing chores? NO. But this might be worth a shot.

During a recent morning debate about chores that needed to be done around the house, our 5 year-old starting whining about my request of him to help make the bed. At the moment I was about to give in (because it was one of those mornings I just didn't want to hear the whines), an idea popped to mind.

"How about this?" I said. "When you help me make the bed, you can build a pillow fort for Yaya to sleep in all day."

Yaya - in case you couldn't guess - stuffed dog friend who, despite having seen better days - is beloved.

"Okay!" Jackson shouted. Every morning since, he has come to ask me if it's time to make the bed "because Yaya is getting sleepy."

Figured a win like that was worth sharing, just in case it sparks a similarly effective idea in your world.

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