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Did you know The Good Place's JANET is from the Bay Area???

She literally knows everything in the world. Well, her character does at least.

My latest quarantine binge has been The Good Place. I still have more than a season left to finish, so please... NO SPOILERS!

It's such a great show, though. SO WELL WRITTEN.

I went down the geek-out rabbit-hole, checking out the cast on IMDB, which is how I discovered the actress who plays Janet is FROM THE BAY AREA!

D'Arcy Carden is her name and according to Wikipedia she was born and raised in Danville, graduating from San Ramon Valley High School in '98.

FUN FACT (yes, I said that in my best Janet voice): her dad, Dennis Erokan, founded and published BAM which was such a cool Bay Area-focussed music magazine back-in-the-day.

As previously stated, the show's writing is SO GOOD. The show's cast, however, makes it come to life in such an amazing way and D'Arcy's acting chops are on full display throughout:

I love seeing talented people from the Bay Area shine!

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