Kelly Clarkson's 4-Year Old Daughter Is The Harshest Critic

Kids say the darndest things! And Kelly Clarkson's 4-year old daughter, River Rose is no exception. Kelly told Entertaintainment Tonight that her kids are so not impressed that their mommy is a pop star! Her kids came to visit during a recent rehearsal performance. Clarkson said,

"I wasn't singing full-out because it's like, three day sin a row and then we have four days in a row for the show, so I was holding back. She was like, 'Mommy, you know when you're on stage and you were singing?' And I was like 'Yeah baby.' I was thinking like a compliment was about to come. She was like 'Yeah, I was really bored." (GASP!)

Maggi Mayfield


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