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What You Know 'Bout That? Trivia Questions - 06/11/21

Every weekday morning at 8:05 we play What You Know 'Bout That? It's a general knowledge trivia game where two people battle it out for Bay Area city pride, and prizes.

Here are the five trivia questions for today, Friday, June 11th.

  1. When was Netflix founded? 1997, 2001, or 2009?
  2. Name the coffee shop in the sitcom "Friends."
  3. Name the four time zones in the Continental United States
  4. What is rapper P. Diddy's real name?
  5. What are the two ingredients in a screwdriver cocktail?








  1. 1997
  2. Central Perk
  3. Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern
  4. Sean Combs
  5. Vodka & Orange Juice

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