Tony Robbins IN BIG Trouble For #MeToo Remarks In San Jose!

I'll admit: I have mixed feelings even writing a blog about this, as I've been to SEVERAL Tony Robbin's events. I don't think he's a con-artist. I don't think he's a "snake oil salesman." I've met several of my best friends through his events/organizations and for that, I am eternally grateful. I agree with many, many things he teaches. Some of my best memories are from his events. However, his recent comments during March 15th's "Unleash The Power Within" in San Jose are REALLY off-point, and I'm glad this was caught on-camera.

The video below is 11 minutes long, so if you want to watch the ENTIRE thing to get his context, do it. If you want a shorter video, watch the tweet below. A woman named Nadine McCool, a former lawyer and resident of Louisiana,  stood up very bravely to share her viewpoints on the #MeToo movement. (She, too, is a sexual abuse survivor.) Tony says a lot of women are using the movement for "significance" and to be a "victim." He also mentions how he just had a conversation with a "very wealthy, very powerful businessman" who specifically didn't hire a woman who was qualified because she was attractive, so he hired someone else instead.

This is the DAMN PROBLEM AND REASON THE #METOO movement exists!! So yeah. He's in a bit of a sh*t storm right now. An interview with Nadine is below, including Tony's official apology online. What are your thoughts on this? 

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)