Bathroom Hand Dryers Blow Fecal Matter In Your Hands, You're Welcome.

So there is a lot of crazy science talk behind this that frankly I don't fully understand however what I do understand is restroom hand dryers are disgusting.  If you want to read the specifics about "spores" or "plates" CLICK HERE 

According To FORBES "A study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection coated study subjects' hands with lactobacilli to simulate poorly washed, contaminated hands, and then had the subjects use a jet air dryer, a warm air dryer, or paper towels to dry their hands. When the subjects used a jet dryer 4.5-times more bacteria was spewed into the air than when a warm air dryer was used and 27-times more bacteria was spewed than when paper towels were used.

Then there's the Journal of Applied Microbiology study that showed that hand dryers could disperse viruses up to 3 meters away (that's almost one and a half Shaquille O'Neals away)." Shaq though?! I think I'm going to be sick! 

Looks like I'll be using paper towels (hopefully they have them available)   

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