Southwest Passenger Dies; Broken Plane Window Almost Sucks Her Out

Tuesday morning, a flight from Dallas to New York didn't go as planned.  For 20 minutes, it was a normal flight until chaos hit. At 32,500 feet in the air, alarms sounded and oxygen masks were deployed.  The plane was able to make a safe landing, however Jennifer Riordan of Albuquerque, N.M., was identified late Tuesday as the victim who died.  7 other people were hurt but are said to be OK.  As for everyone else, this trauma will live with them forever.  A plane going down has to be most people's biggest fear.  I know I would be losing my mind. Marty Martinez (one of the passengers) was trying to purchase WiFi so he could get on FB LIVE to communicate what he thought was his last words to his loved ones. 

"We could feel the air from the outside coming in, and then we had smoke kind of coming in the window," Martinez said.

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