My "Good News" Video Today: "Aging Is BS!"

As someone who is constantly on the road to "self-improvement," and hopes to be evolving into my best self for the rest of my life...I was obsessed with this video! I loved it so much that I'm using it as my "Good News" today. Why? Because his side-by-side pictures- one at age 29 and one at 49, are MIND BLOWING. I didn't/don't know much about him......I've learned his name is Jon Butcher and he's an entrepreneur who has, quite honestly, created a FABULOUS life for himself. He says it's all about creating healthy habits and practicing them as EARLY in life as you can, like:

* Figuring out what a healthy plate of food look like (generally)

* Figuring out what a decent exercise program looks like for you

* Find out your "why." What is your purpose? What MAKES you want to get healthy? 

He's practiced this for 30 YEARS! He says it's not rocket science.....he said his purpose is his relationship with his wife, and how he wanted to be desirable to her and have a great sex life. He wanted to set an example for his kids as well. He set various physical goals for himself (like climbing Machu Picchu) and simply practices a lifestyle that lets him achieve that.

So.....if you need a little inspiration, check out some videos below. The one directly below is the original one I found on FB- just hit "play" and his side-by-side pictures will immediately appear. Amazing!! 

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)