Virgin America Makes FINAL Flight Into SFO!

If you LOVED Virgin America like I did, you're probably a little sad right now! It's final flight happened last night, flight 1947 from LAX to SFO. It's now officially Alaska Airlines! Read more about the merge you have a favorite Virgin America flight? Pretty much ALL of my Vegas trips the last few years have been with Virgin. The first time I ever treated myself to "first class" was on Virgin. And my final flight with them was, of course, to Vegas this March. Special shout-out to Faye Jose- our dear friend who's worked at Virgin America HQ for almost 7 years! Her video from the final flight is below. 

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

Below is a video from our girl, Faye, who works at Virgin America HQ and was ON the final flight last night. A sad but nostalgic day indeed!