This University Has A 'Cry Closet' For Students

The University of Utah campus has a new room that is getting a lot of social media attention during finals week... It's called "The Cry Closet"

The 'cry closet' is a small room with a dark fabric lining and a plush floor filled with stuffed animals.

A timer hangs on the inside of the door, and two dome lights provide a low, ambient light.

On the outside of the door, a framed page with all the rules reads: "A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students."

"This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10 minute break," the framed rule page states.  The rule page even has a official hashtag they would like all the students to use, #CryClosetuofu.  

Other rules include: Knock before entering, only one person in the room at a time and don't stay longer than 10 minutes.

"It's a great place to just come and decompress, and that's really what it's for," said Jana Cunningham with the U of U communications office.

Would you use this? Do you think it will help the stressed out students?

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