Bay Area Couple Finds Crew Boat Stranded in Pacifica

Four people were hospitalized with minor injuries late Saturday night after their 33-foot sailboat called the Hecate boat drifted onto shore at a Pacifica beach. 

The boat’s occupants were described as a 24-year-old Spokane, Washington man, a 33-year-old Crescent City woman, a 49-year-old Long Creek, Oregon woman and a 20-year-old woman also from Spokane. One of the women is seven-months pregnant.

The boat’s owners said they were experiencing engine problems before the boat drifted ashore. The crew had been sailing for 11 hours, trying to get to San Diego but the motor stopped and the boat couldn’t get past the breakwater.

Marcus stopped by the stranded boat in Pacifica on his way home yesterday, check out his photo below! 

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