So...The Newest Internet Challenge Is Leaving Kids Looking Like This...

The story of Ellie in the UK is just the latest of a YEAR of this internet challenge going on.  The 'Deodorant Challenge' might be the dumbest one yet.  It involves kids spraying deodorant on their bodies(usually their arms) for as long as they can and then posting the results.  

Hi...chemical burns.

Ellie says her wound is still oozing yellow pus and is "really painful."

"It's a hole in my arm and there's all this yellow stuff coming out," she said. "My friend did it a year ago and has a scar, but said it wasn't as painful as mine. When I show people my injury they lift up their sleeves and show that they've all had it done too."

What is even happening?  Parents, please sit your kids down (if you haven't already) and show them these photos.