Stolen San Francisco Pug Finally Reunited With Owner After Almost 3 Weeks

After 12 sleepless nights, and hard dedication to finding her deaf and nearly blind 12-year-old pug Phyllo Stephanie Lee was finally reunited with her best friend. She went to homeless encampments, soup kitchens and residential hotels across San Francisco and Oakland to find her missing pug. Strangers saw her story, reached out to her with tips and even helped her search.  Then, finally, one morning, when searching around the Embarcadero, Lee (who was passing out breakfast burritos in hope that it would help her get some kind of lead), spoke to a homeless man named Darryl who said that he had seen the woman who took Lee’s dog, and he took Lee to the park where he’d seen her. She was still there.  She talked to her and then received and call saying Phyllo was found in Oakland! They were reunited and even had a party to celebrate!    

Read the full story HERE!

These kinds of stories make me feel like there are GOOD people still out there! So happy this pup was safely reunited with his dog mom! 

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