Now In SF, Gourmet Ramen Vending Machines.

San Francisco now has a ramen vending machine called, 'Yo-Kai Express'.  You can find three different locations around SF but the most known location is at the SF Metreon Shopping Center that is downtown.  This machine is open 24/7 and only takes 45 seconds to make. Andy Lin, founder of Yo-Kai Express, partnered with a chef from a Michelin rated restaurant to create the ramen recipes. The noodles were created by a local Japanese ramen vendor and the ramen bowls come with several slices of chasu (pork belly meat).

Lin explained to ABC7 News, "Everything is precooked and flash frozen in a central kitchen. So we only put the broth in the ramen once the customer orders." (ABC7 News)

Would you try ramen out of a vending machine? I think it's a great idea.  Honestly SF is one of the only big cities that isn't a 24/7 city so it's hard to find a good meal at 3a.  I will definitely try this out! 

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