Girl Orders Food So The Delivery Driver Could Remove A Spider From Her Home

A girl named Demi from the UK was stuck in her apartment by herself with a spider she was terrified of. She didn't know who to call or what to do until she thought of the most brilliant idea... She thought if she ordered some food the delivery driver could possibly help her kill the spider as well!  

She order some KFC from a delivery service and put this in the notes section... 'Hello. (Sounds silly but this is a serious question) I have a huge phobia of spiders, there’s one in the corridor of our house near to the door, if I order food through Deliveroo is it possible at all if the driver could get rid of it?'  

The delivery service then wrote back with, 'You can most certainly request this in the ‘delivery note’ section when placing your order.  The only thing is, our rider may be more afraid of [spiders] than you are….' She decided to go for it.

Luckily 'Joe' the delivery driver wasn't afraid of spiders and saved the day! Have you ever had to call someone to kill an insect for you?

Sandy found this spider last night... And she can't stop thinking about it.  What should she do about it? Maybe she should order some food and have the delivery driver take care of it like the girl above LOL

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