SF's Presidio Has 7 New Coyote Pups, Be Careful

A man named Jonathan Young, who is a wildlife ecologist for the Presidio Trust, came across a coyote den Monday morning that he believes is the new home for seven new pups.  He is urging people with pets to keep their dog(s) on a leash when walking around the Presidio. 

“The (coyotes) in the Presidio are afraid of people, but when they see a dog their parental protective instinct overrides their fear of you,” Young said. “They are concerned about the dog and just getting him out of there.” (SF Chronicle)  

Young explained that people who encounter a coyote should leash their dogs and turn around and walkaway, but they should never RUN away. 

Have you spotted a coyote in the Presidio or anywhere else in SF? 

To see photos of the new pups and video CLICK HERE

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