Sandy Buys "No Assembly" Tent, Nearly Gives Herself Black Eye!

So over the weekend, I signed up for a 75-mile overnight camping/cycling trip. Have I mentioned I DON'T camp, and hadn't ridden my bike in 2 months?? I bought a pop-up "no assembly" tent from Amazon....when I opened it, I almost lost an eye! It worked okay on the camping trip except NOBODY could put it back together. LOL!!

Aside from that, my legs are SORE AS HELL today....I'm honestly surprised I finished. Day one was 40 miles and TONS of uphill with 35-40mph HEAD WINDS!! Omg, I was hating life. HATING IT. If you could hear what I was thinking, there were LOTS of expletives, followed by, "I am NOT finishing this ride tomorrow." Thankfully, Sunday's weather was a LOT calmer and I decided to finish. We still had hills, and they still sucked, but Saturday was way worse. Special thank you to the Team at Sports Basement Outdoors for organizing such a fun trip! (SF to Point Reyes and  back)

-Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, FB, and Twitter)