My AMAZING Friend Ashley Lost 200 Pounds!!

Here's what I know about being a woman and weight loss: It is an EMOTIONAL process. Putting yourself out there- especially the way my friend Ashley has- is BEYOND brave. I don't think I could do it. Even this year, at the beginning of the year...I was going to start a fitness Instagram account, and stopped myself, because I felt *too* pressured and too exposed. That being said, I LOVE following others on their fitness journey and getting inspiration from them, and Ashley is one of them! Check out her on Instagram- @NoMoreGivingUp. 

2 years ago, Ashley started her journey by undergoing Gastric Bypass surgery. She said, "It's not the easy way out but has been an amazing tool that I'm so thankful for. I also asked her what her main motivation was for getting healthy. Here's what she said! 

"My biggest motivation for wanting to change my life was my daughter, for multiple reasons. Most importantly i was tired of being the sideline mom. The one who sat at the bench and watched her play or didn’t go places because i may not fit in chairs, or rides, or being able to walk much. I wanted to be the mom running and playing with her, riding roller coasters or being able to go places with lots of walking and not have to stop every 10 min or so to sit and rest because i was out of breath or my feet hurt. The other reason is, i wanted to be a good example and role model for her. I grew up always being overweight. I wanted her to have an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits and how could i expect that of her if i wasn’t doing the same. She is my biggest supporter and motivator . Always cheering me on with my accomplishments, even going on runs with me and doing home workouts with me. Loosing this weight has already changed my life in so many ways and I’m so excited for what the future holds with this journey." 

What I REALLY loved is something she texted me that I resonate with now. She said, "It's still a daily struggle and I'm human and still have bad days just like anyone else but my mindset is sooo different from what it used to be. I've finally stopped beating myself up and started loving who I am."

PREACH SISTER, PREACH. I'm going through this as we speak. It's amazing what happens when you are kinder to yourself, and more loving. Less shame, more action, more happiness. SO PROUD OF YOU LOVIES!!! Make sure to follow her in Instagram at @NoMoreGivingUp

- Sandy 

P.S. I met Ashley in RENO a few years ago- she was in the audience of the comedy club I was performing! I love meeting awesome people who turn into friends.