Someone Is Using Sandy's Picture In HIS Dating Profile! LOL

Can someone tell me WHY one of the best photos I've ever taken is helping someone else get laid?? I actually laughed when I saw this as I remember this night very well. It was a couple years ago from a comedy show; I took a picture with the staff at the establishment. I actually know the guy is in the picture (sort of) and am not mad at ALL; I hope everything works out for him. :) I'm more bummed I love this picture it's 2 years old. Hah!

(Although, guys, do us a favor and try to not post photos with other women. Even if you are just friends or don't even know the woman at all, it makes us wonder what your relationship is/was and distracts us from getting to know the real YOU!) 

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)