6-Year-Old Orders Buys $300 Worth Of Toys On Amazon

6-Year-Old Kaitlin decided that she wanted a few more toys than what her mom let her buy.  Originally Kaitlin's mom, Meredith, let her daughter buy ONE Barbie from Amazon but Katilin decided to purchase a lot more than one barbie.  Kaitlin ended up buying $350 worth of toys without her mother knowing and days later 6 boxes, that almost stood as tall as her, showed up on their doorstep. 

Photos of Kaitlin smiling next to her pile of toys went viral on Twitter gathering over 77 thousand likes. But despite Kaitlin's smiling face in the photos, she wasn't allowed to keep all the toys. Everything except the ONE Barbie was donated to a local hospital.

What would you do if your kid did this? 

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