15-Pound Cheeseburger

"Belly of The Beast" is what it's called! You can find this 15 pound burger at a place called " Truffles N Bacon" in Vegas.  This isn't just an average burger that is bigger in size... This burger comes with ALL the fixings!  

They have the original smaller version of this burger called the "Hot Beast", it includes: 

"Angus beef patty, tater tots tossed with pork belly, Serrano chile, melted cheese and hot Cheetos paired with Korean mayo, BBQ sauce, and ranch topped with a sunny side up egg. $16.50"

"Belly of The Beast" is a:

"Ginormous version of the Hot Beast, this massive burger weighs 10-1/2 pounds and comes with 4 sunny side up eggs. This monster can feed about 6-8 people. Available to order, must order 72 hours in advance. $85 "

Would you try this? Tag someone who could finish this whole burger!

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