The Farting Security Guard Was Fired

"Paul Flart," a 31-year-old security guard at a Florida hospital who has documented his many farts on Instagram for the past six months has been fired. 

According to VICE, "He started the job after moving from New Jersey to help his mom out, and found he had a lot of free time while sitting around at the front desk. 'The lobby has really great acoustics, and naturally, we all fart,' he told Vice, omitting the fact that while we all fart we do not all fart like he does. 'One day I ripped a rather nice one and got really good sound from it, so the next time it happened I recorded it and sent it to my group chat.' He credits the group chat with innovating his name, and the rest is history."

Here's a compilation of all his farts for the past six months below... SMH 

After the videos had gone viral, news traveled fast back to his job and he was fired. Here is a video below of him actually being fired by his boss. You have to fast forward to 1:39, it's hilarious. 

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