Airline Passengers SUCK. (Sandy’s Rant)

See the cookies in the picture below? Those were SUPPOSED to go to my parents. I was in Nashville over the weekend and all my Dad wanted was one sweet treat. On my last day, I bought them those cookies (from a local favorite, Christie Cookie Company- AMAZINGLY sweet and gooey cookies!) and stored them in the overhead bin on the plane.

After we landed, people were in SUCH a rush to get off the plane that they rushed to the door. I couldn’t even stand out of my seat for like 30 seconds to even reach above and grab my stuff. Finally, when I could, more people rushed towards me and it stressed me out so bad that I grabbed my bag and FORGOT the cookies! 

I am SO annoyed at myself, but honestly, more annoyed those people. When did everyone become SO important that they can’t just wait 30 seconds for the person in front of them to grab their stuff and exit?

Am I alone on this??

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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