Marcus D.'s Daily Bite: #NationalBeerLoversDay Perfect Food Pairings!

It's not often that you get to crash one of your favorite restaurant in SF and eat your way through three beer pairings for #NationalBeerLoversDay, but I got to do just that.

Huge shout-out to Executive Chef and Owner Matthew Dolan (who happens to be one of my culinary heroes) for hosting us on the rooftop deck at 25 Lusk in San Francisco and running us through three beer and wine pairings with some awesome SF beers and three mainstays from his rooftop menu.

Beer #1: Anchor Steam California Lager paired with the "Hot Dog In A Pretzel"

Beer #2: The Villager IPA from the Fort Point Brewing Company paired with "Pizza 2" Chorizo, Sweet Corn, Cilantro and Queso Fresco 

Beer #3: The Kalifornia Kolsch from Magnolia Brewery paired with Ahi Ceviche.  Different, but awesome! 

So much fun shooting this video! Check it out!