Sandy's An Auntie For The First Time....

I posted this on Instagram last night and was pleasantly surprised at all the warm, sweet feedback I've received! I've been an only child my entire life. I have Aunts and Uncles, but very, very family is small and everyone (except my parents and I) live outside of California. The cousins I DO have don't have kids.....that being said, nobody has ever called me "Auntie" until last Sunday.

I visited Marcus on the Coast, as I've actually missed his daughter! I wasn't able to attend her birthday so this was special "Auntie Sandy" time. And it was SO cute, when I saw her, she gave me a big hug and said, "Hi Auntie Sandy!" And it was ADORABLE! I'm not used to being called "Auntie"....I'm not used to having ANYONE call me family. That sounded pretty dark, and I certainly don't mean it that way- I have amazing friends who ARE my family. And I love my parents dearly. But as an only child, it can be a little lonely sometimes. So hearing her say that just made me grateful. Know what I mean?

- Sandy (@SandyStec on fB, IG and Twitter)