Sandy’s Weekend “Fat” Moment...

Do you ever get nervous posting fatty food pictures online, in fear of judgement?? As you know,  I was in Vegas over weekend for our company’s iHeart Radio Music Festival. Of COURSE, I wanted to eat some delicious, fatty foods while there. My friend Anne tagged me in a photo from a restaurant called “Black Tap LV” at the Venetian. My friend Mari and I couldn’t stop looking at their photos, until finally....we gave in. Was I hesitant? Absolutely. A couple days before my trainer posted a comment with angry emojis on my sushi burger picture. This really got in mi head. But when in Vegas....😂

Please enjoy the GIGANTIC sundaes we devoured in the picture below! (Mine was Oreo, on the left, hers was Cookie.)

- Sandy (SandyStec on FB, IG, Twitter)