"SheLarious" Was A HUGE Success! Thank You!

A few days later and I am STILL in the "Shelarious" afterglow!  In my 17 years of radio and comedy, never have I felt so supported, SO loved, and like so many things came together so perfectly all at once. Our listeners were incredibly loving and ready to PARTY. Our comedians- Michelle Buteau, Jacqueline Novak and Gina Brillon- were FANTASTIC. (pictures below) My coworkers worked their ASS off and created an event that was unique, memorable, special, and most importantly- fun as HELL! And to boot, the SF Jazz Center was just beautiful! 

So all I can say is...thank you. Thank you for your support and love. I hope to continue to grow as a comedian. I hope to do more events like this. I guess I just hope to grow in all areas of my life- professionally, spiritually, interpersonally, and physically as well; and moments like this reassure me that I’m on the right path. Until next year....

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

I just ADORED meeting Gina Brillon. She is BEYOND sweet and we have quit a few comedian friends in common! Please support her, follow her, and watch her Comedy Special on HBO Latino October 5th! 

Michelle Buteau had me- and ALL of us- in TEARS. God this woman is a force! I met her like 10 years ago in NYC, our mutual friend invited me to her house for a New Years Eve party. She was just as cool then as she is now; except now she literally is KILLING THE GAME- she's on Paramount's "First Wives Club" that airs January 2019! Follow her here.

Omg this woman was adorable!! This is Jacqueline Novak; a woman who talked about french fries for 6 minutes on National Television. How could you NOT love her? I know our audience did. She ROCKED that fanny pack too. Follow her and also check out her new book, "How To Weep In Public- Feeble Offerings On Depression From One Who Knows."

And oh hey- that's me! I wish my forehead didn't have so many lines like that....