Napa Officials Urge Residents To Evacuate, "Never Wait Til The Last Second"

Cluster Of Destructive Wildfires Burns Through Napa And Sonoma Counties In California

Just when we were (literally) starting to breathe a little better, wildfires started blazing through Napa and Sonoma.

As of Monday 9/28 at 1 PM PST, the Glass Fire combined with the Shady Fire & Boysen Fire, have burned through 11,000 acres of wine country.

Evacuation orders are set in Napa & Sonoma Counties. Officials urge residents to evacuate as soon as possible.

"Remember when we come and knock on your door and let you know there's evacuations, please leave. We don't always have time or the resources to come back and rescue you. Fires move pretty rapidly and sometimes unpredictably. So, please take the warning and evacuate." - Deputy Bill MacDonald

Please evacuate! See a full list of evacuations here.

Photo Source: Getty Images

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