New Year Superstitions



The end of the year is almost here and a lot of people are getting ready to bring in the New Year. Many people go out and party at clubs or in the street, others enjoy it with friends and family at home. Some people are not superstitious but as soon as it gets close to the new year they will do anything to bring luck and good fortune for the new year.

Every family and culture has their own superstitions, but many people can agree on the superstition of the color of your underwear.

In the Latino community this is one of the biggest superstition. Wearing yellow underwear will bring in money, wearing red underwear will bring love for the new year. So if you need luck in any of these things make sure to wear the correct color!

Have you ever tried eating twelve grapes? Another tradition is to eat twelve grapes during the first twelve chimes of the bell or twelve seconds of the new year and making a wish. Unless you have a lot of room in your mouth I don't recommend this one, I almost choked this year... Do this at your own risk! If you accomplish eating the 12 grapes and making a wish, this superstition is supposed to make your wish come true in the twelve months coming.

Who else cleans the entire house before the new year? It is believed that you have to bring in the new year with a clean house and no dirty laundry. This superstition says it gets rid of the old and negative energy.

A superstition I will definitely be a part of is to put a large amount of money in my pocket! This is supposed to bring in money in the new year.

If your wish is to travel in 2020, you might want to try running down the street with luggage. It might make you look a bit crazy but this superstition is supposed to help bring a lot of traveling in the new year.

There are a lot of other traditions for every culture, will you be participating on these superstitions for the new year or will you completely skip them?


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