Wildlife Cameras Show A Coyote & Badger Traveling Together In The South Bay

Thanks to a video posted by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), people are in awe of a coyote and badger seemingly hanging out with each other.

The video shows the coyote motioning for something off camera to join him. As the coyote's tail wags, a calm looking badger meanders into the frame. Together they trot off down a tunnel.

According to POST, this is the first kind of interaction ever documented in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the story gets better!

None other than Captain America, Chris Evans, tweeted the video and added that he imagines the coyote and badger are voiced by Michael J. Fox and Sam Elliot respectively (perfect casting by the way) and are on an adventure together. What a great animated movie that would be!

Find out more about POST's remote wildlife cameras here!

Photo: Getty Images

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