Gov. Newsom Introduces New 3 Week Regional Stay-at-Home Order

Gavin Newsom's new Regional Stay-at-Home order goes into effect once a region's ICU capacity reaches below 15%. Once this occurs, that region will be placed on a mandatory Stay-at-Home order for 3 weeks. Each region has 48-hours to implement this new plan.

  • For those 3 weeks, the following will be closed:
  • Wineries
  • Personal Services
  • Hair Salons/Barbershops
  • During a Stay-at-Home order, the following will remain open:
    Schools that are already open
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Restaurants (take-out & delivery)

Non-essential travel is also temporarily restricted under this Regional Stay-at-Home order.

As of today (December 3rd) - No regions have been placed under the Regional Stay-At-Home Order.

More info available below.

Photo Source: Getty Images