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Beyoncé at Levi's Stadium Wednesday. What You Need to Know

Bay Area Beyhive! Your time has come. Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour comes to Levi's Stadium on Wednesday August 30th.

What to wear? Whatever makes you comfortable but Beyoncé has a suggestion. A Human, Shimmering Disco Ball experience is what she wants for everyone so if you have something silver, rock that.

Getting There:

Bay Area transit agencies have been making plans to get you there and back safely. BART announced special late night service

From: (Click to see full info)

Special late-night service added for Beyoncé Renaissance Tour on 8/30/23

Beyonce Event Rider Guide August 30 2023 Getting to Levi's Stadium

BART will run extra trains and offer special limited service after midnight for the Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour at Levi’s Stadium on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Getting to Levi’s Stadium using transit is easy. Fans will transfer from BART at Milpitas Station to VTA’s Orange Line and ride to VTA’s Great America Station, located on the North side of Levi’s Stadium.

BART will have extra security and station staff to help people get around.

What You Need to Know About the Ride Home

BART will run its normal last train of the evening leaving Milpitas at 11:51pm, making all regular stops. This is the last train that will get you to all BART stations in the system.

What can you bring inside Levi's Stadium? From: Click the link to get full info on stadium policies before you gio

Levi’s® Stadium prohibits all bags, backpacks and other carriers from being brought into the stadium with the following exceptions:

  • Approved clear bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”. These include the following clear bags:
    • Clear Backpacks
    • Clear Fanny Packs
    • Clear Bags
    • Clear Purses
  • One gallon clear plastic zip lock type bags
  • Small Clutch Bag (the size of an adult hand) (4.5” x 6.5”)
  • Seat Cushion

Please note, the stadium bag policy will be enforced for all stadium events including concerts, matches and 49ers home games, unless otherwise noted. Should you have any questions regarding the bag policy, please email 

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