Beyoncé's Grammys Performance Was Amazing

Beyonce Makes Grammys Bow Down With Goddess-Inspired Maternity Performance

posted by Isha Thorpe - 12 hours ago

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Beyoncé still served like no other at the 2017 Grammys with a beautiful performance.

Before her set was confirmed, the BeyHive on social media already began swarming and revealed that their icon would perform a medley of "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles." We didn't know, however, who would introduce the star. But, when we saw who did the honors, that just made Bey's adoring fans just that much more excited about her performance.

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Beyoncé loving -- and snatched -- proud mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson introduced her daughter to the stage and the rest was Grammy history. With a mega screen onstage with her that gave viewers hologram vibes, the special effects that were a part of Bey's set made us even more mesmerized during her set.

Once again channeling Yoruba Goddess Oshun with her yellow dress that accentuates her baby bump, Bey and her backup dancers gave us a show that we didn't want to end. Bey literally looked like a modern-day goddess herself and we all wanted to drop down and honor her in all of her pregnant glory.

There was one moment that did make us panic for Bey and her unborn babies' safety, though. That moment Bey sat on a chair that was feet above ground and it tilted backwards made us all stop breathing. But, she pulled it off like the boss her is.

Being the true icon she is, Beyoncé served nothing but beauty and grace from the beginning of her Grammy performance to the very end. She made everyone watching BOW DOWN! Also, if there was any doubt that Bey couldn't kill a show with her double-sized buns in the oven, this set definitely shut the nay-sayers up. Cuz she forever slays...

Watch Beyoncé 2017 Grammys performance below.

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