Images That Look Like Demons Are Showing Up In People's Snapchat Filters

Horrifying Demons Are Showing Up In Snapchat Selfies

posted by Dave Basner - 2 days ago

Taking a selfie with a Snapchat filter is supposed to be fun, but it can also be scary. Lately, a face that looks like a demon's has been showing up in some people's photos.

25-year-old Tara McPadden used the dog filter and while she looked funny with a canine nose and ears, she was too distracted by a second face in the picture. 

Snapchat also put a pair of ears and a dog nose on Tara's chin and neck, where some evil-looking eyes had appeared. 

She's not the only person to report a demon's face showing with a filter in a Snapchat selfie. 22-year-old Rachel Gardiner had a similar thing happen.

Of course it's probably just a glitch causing the demon faces, but there is always the chilling possibility that it isn't.

Photo Credit: Snapchat/Tara McPadden, Rachel Gardiner

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